Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur

Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur

Rehabilitation Centre in FirozpurLifeline Foundations is the best Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur. Here we help your loved ones get rid of the habit of drugs as well as alcohol. We have experts working with complete dedication. They focus on the patients and understand the root cause of their addiction. They also work on their phycology to ensure that they are better in terms of efficiency, creativity and mental strength. Therefore, your loved ones will not only get rid of the habit of drugs but will also live a better life once they are out of here.

We know the issues that normally people face at this stage. We understand the difficulties and the important things that are to be in mind while dealing with these people. Keeping in mind their comfort level and making sure that they don’t feel pain, we treat them with care and love. We indulge them in various recreational activities. We make sure that their life isn’t boring and they are into some interesting activities. This will help them stay away from their addiction and think least about it. We also take care of counselling and keep on guiding them about what is right and how they can easily forget about these addictions.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur

Usually, in the beginning, a person tries drugs. At that point in time, his intention is not to be habitual to it. He wants to get an idea about how it feels like to take drugs. The first feeling of drugs is usually pleasing. This pleasing feeling leads them to try once more or do it once more. They usually follow the practice in the desire of that feeling. This usually becomes repetitive. And after some time, we realise that the person has become habitual.

Now, when the person tries to stop using these, he faces issues like anxiety, apatite disorder, depression, sleep disorder, etc. This is because while the person was consuming drugs, his brain and body were under the influence of drugs. His brain was happy and stress-free because of drugs. He was getting better sleep and a better appetite because of drugs. Therefore, the tendency of the brain and body to do these tasks on their own was affected. Now, if the brain and body will not get external support for these purposes, the brain will not be able to function well.

Lifeline Foundations is the leading Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur, where the experts work on these issues. With the help of meditation, yoga, counselling and various recreational activities, they help the person get back his mental abilities to fight issues like anxiety, stress, trauma etc. They also work on their physical health and appetite, to ensure that they person is both mentally as well as physically fit.

Also, they ensure that the person is better in terms of efficiency, creativity, mental strength as well as physical strength for his or her future days.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Firozpur

Lifeline Foundations is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur. Here we have experts that understand the root cause of addiction. On the basis of this research, they deal with the victim accordingly. They make sure that the person not only quits the habit of alcohol but also make sure that the person stays away from this habit in future also. They provide them provide proper counselling and throw light upon the harmful effects of alcohol on health, brain as well as on social life.

Sometimes a person may lose willpower during the de-addiction process and may have the desire to consume alcohol. In this case, we take the help of various games and recreational activities. We make the person think less about the craving and also boost willpower through motivation.

In order to improve physical health, we have yoga trainers. On the basis of the physical capability of each individual and the diet schedule being followed, the yoga trainers proceed with the workout accordingly.

Facilities Provided by our Rehabilitation Centre in Firozpur

In case you want any of your friends or relatives to get rid of any such habit, let us know. We have facilities that will make them feel really comfortable. People here live like a family, supporting each other. Please take a look at some of the facilities that make a living here comfortable and effective in quitting an addiction.

  • AC and non-AC rooms depending on your convenience
  • Library with an interesting and useful reading material
  • Swimming pool with neat and clean water regularly checked
  • Courtyard to spend some peaceful time with the nature
  • 24-hour availability of experts like doctors, motivational speakers, psychiatrists, counsellors and physiologists.

In Lifeline Foundations, with minimum effort and pain and in a comfortable and systematic manner, your dear ones will be able to get rid of the habit of drugs and alcohol.